Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

I was just reading a post on my husband's family website and one of his family members was saying how her kids came home from their first day of school and saw how clean the house was. They commented on how great their mom had done. She explained that there was probably a correlation to them not being home and the house being clean. They were making the mess!
I looked at my house when the kids got home from school and it was not so picture perfect. So, this is my dilemma. If the house was cleaner all summer when the kids were home, and the kids go to school and my house is more messy, does it really mean that I am the one who is a mess?

Please tell me it is just because I am getting back into gear after being at the lake this weekend. I have been doing laundry all day, and there are still many loads to go before I sleep.

The good news is that at 39 and after fifteen years, I was able to water ski. I was so proud of myself I could hardly stand it! At least my husband was impressed. I had told him I could ski, but he said it was way cooler to see it! I got in one semi-decent run after several failed attempts. I am so sore it hurts to sit down, stand up, bend over, cook dinner, do laundry, walk, reach for food on the top shelf, and move my eyes. Honestly, it is even a little painful to sit here and type. I think I need to get back in shape. The only video I have is of one of my failed attempts. Right after this I did much better, but the camera ran out of battery! I had a great time though!

So did the kids. Thing 1 caught a fish,

tried wakeboarding,

and swung from the awesome rope swing.

Thing 2 played in the sand,

jumped off the high dive,

rode on the Big Bertha,

and put on too much sunscreen.

Hubby did the best cannonball!

Aren't those good reasons for my house not to be clean?


Carole said...

Way to go you great skier! I loved wakeboarding when we were in San Antonio and actually got fairly decent at it.

McEwens said...

Sheri!!! OMG you kids, they are all grown up! AND SO SO CUTE!!!!

Good for you on getting up water skiing!!!

wonder woman said...

That is a VERY good reason for you house not to be clean! I am impressed. I have never tried skiing of any kind....and don't know that I ever will. Quite a shame for living in Utah! (Though I've only lived here since I got married and became poor. Maybe someday...)

It looks like you had a great weekend! And I'd like to think that I don't make the majority of the mess, but I have to be REALLY motivated to clean. I usually tell myself I have to do certain chores before I start blogging. Sufficient motivation for me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I love your nickname.

Monica said...

That is a great reason not to have your house clean! Could I use that excuse everyday? Your kids are growing up so fast! They seemed so much smaller when I lived out there and you couldn't possibly be 39! Really? Crazy? I never would have guessed. That is awesome you got up on water skis! I hope I can still do that the next time I go!

cookingsherri said...

Hey Monica -
My kids get taller every second. And clearly I don't act my age. Great to hear from you!

Brittany said...

Oh man, that looks so much fun. I wish Montana could of just flown out and played with you guys. Calvin looks so tall! I hope I recognize him next time I see you guys :)