Friday, April 3, 2009

Make that 34 books read

I finished reading Cold Comfort Farm for book club and that was just pure fun. Not like anything I have ever read before.

I also finished my essay and sent off my application for college. I am not posting it because it is so cheesy.

What I did want to post were the pictures of my daughter's eyebrows after she shaved them. But, I can't, because I lost our camera with those pics still on them. You read me right. I said shaved, not plucked. She teased her brother about having a unibrow which he hurled right back at her. Apparently she can dish it out, but can't take it, because she promptly went upstairs, got my razor and shaved a nice broad strip right down the bridge of her nose. As if that didn't look strange enough she became suddenly concerned that her eyebrows are bushy, and decided to trim them. With the razor. Which trimmed them alot. Right down the center of each eyebrow. She came to me with her hands over her eyebrows crying and said she just did something very bad. Then she revealed her artwork and I ran. To get the camera. I told her to stand against the wall with her eyes closed so I could take pictures. Through her tears she asked me why I was photographing her to which I replied from the annuls of cliche mommy statements, "because someday this is going to be funny." Only, that wasn't really true, because honestly, it was pretty funny right then and there. We had to pencil them in for weeks. I dont' know which I am sadder about, losing the camera or those pics.

Lest you think she is a brother punching, eyebrow shaving hoodlum, let me just brag. She is funny, kind, bright, athletic and musically talented. She loves the outdoors and is a wonderful friend. And obviously, creative. She makes being a mommy the best job in the world.