Thursday, August 7, 2008

What got me started?

My sister started a blog. I was having so much fun thinking of creative responses to her posts! She gently nudged me out of her nest and politely invited me to get a blog of my own. My husband's cousin has a cooking blog. My sister's is kind of like a journal. I have seen sewing blogs. I wasn't sure what I should blog about...

And then I remembered - I have something I want to say.

At the end of the school year I was trying to arrange some meetings at my child's school. One day I got home to a message on my home phone. It was one of the school administrators. She was totally exasperated with me. "We had a meeting scheduled for this morning at 9 am! I left you a message on your cell phone to let you know the date and time. You missed it. Please call to reschedule."

I did call to reschedule. In fact, we were able to meet that day. She asked me what my schedule was. I told her it was open. Whatever time would work for her, I could work my schedule around it. Having a flexible schedule is one of the benefits of being a sahm.

I tried to kindly let this woman know that for future reference, my cell phone is not my primary number. I really don't even use it very often. It is best to leave messages on my home phone first and cell phone secondary. "REALLY?" she says.


"What do you do?"

"I am a stay-at-home mother."

"Both your kids are in school?"


"Oh, (Clearly this has taken her off guard and she is shocked. There is now an awkward pause while she thinks of what to say next)I wish I had time like that. It must be nice."

"It is." - I let it go at that. I may be oversensitive. But it seems to me that this lovely woman got the wrong impression of what my life is like.

Let me just say it from the start - I respect working mothers. In fact, I am in awe. You amazing women manage to do in a matter of hours what it takes me all day to do.

But, I don't just sit around with free time on my hands!

I remember being a kid and leaving for school. I remember coming home and asking mom what she did that day. I don't remember her answer. I do remember assuming it wasn't much. I am a mother now. I remember finding out that I was WRONG - PERIOD.

I am not June Cleaver, though I aspire to be like her, clean and organized house, well dressed, good cook, have all the answers and dish them out with kindness, patience and humor. I am nowhere close, but I do believe that good homemaking takes real skill. And I am truly passionate about things like sewing, cooking, (notice cleaning does not make the list) parenting and especially my wonderful husband.

So, this blog will be my answer to every child's question, what does my mother do all day? I intend to share some recipes, parenting tips and faux pas, what helps me stay in my budget, I think I'll let you know what is keeping me busy, I might do some product reviews (I love gadgets!), I'll probably share some rambling, random, humurous anecdotes, if I ever get to it, I will share my projects completed and it is entirely likely that I will do just whatever I feel like at that moment, on that day.

That is how my blog started.


kitchenditcher said...

Yahoo! I am your very first comment on your very first post! I am so proud of you grasshopper. (Said in my best Kung Fu voice) Trust me, you will LOVE this and even might become addicted. Welcome to the blogging world!

COMcewens said...

Hey Sheri! Glad Deb got you going!! Tracey too???? Just thought I would say hi!

COMcewens said...

YOUR family is SOOOOO cute!

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I found your blog through Erin Brown's. I started a few months ago and find it's one of my favorite things to do. The best thing about blogging is it helps to keep you in touch with others! Welcome! I hope you have fun! I look forward to reading about what a SAHM does so I can get ideas. Neither of mine are in school (in fact one isn't even born yet) but I still find myself bored at times. :)

cookingsherri said...

Thanks Pam! I don't know if we will get Tracy going. She has an ubelievably crazy schedule, but hers would be so fun to read if she did. I love, love, love reading yours and miss you sunday dinners with you and Dean.

I think my family is pretty cute too, thanks. That picture was taken with me holding the camera up at arms length in the Sacred Grove!

cookingsherri said...

Jen,so glad to find you again. Congratulations of soon to be #2. Your blog looks so great. It gives me ideas!

Anonymous said...

It's always fun to read what people are talking about. I'll look forward to so me of your amazing diatribes. Don