Thursday, October 2, 2008

Will it pass? Will it pass? Will it pass?

All this talk about Congress and Bailout Bill has got me thinking about kidney stones. Do you think there is a correlation? Like, painful, but necessary to pass? Or, somebody better get in there and lazer blast that thing in order to defeat the stones before the man dies trying to pass them? The man being man in general. Main Street Man, not Wall Street Man. What do you think? Bailout Bill - Pass or Blast? I am undecided and I don't get a vote. Neither do you. Except on my blog.


McEwens said...

I wish we got a chance to vote... sounds like it si more Kidney stone, has to pass... but instead of just that one man having pain, WE ALL WILL, instead of the one man with the bill for the stone, WE ALL GET IT!

Lisa Loo said...

Too funny!! I love how your mind works! Now every time I hear the word bailout today I will think--kidney stone. Everything is so out of control--and there are the add ons and the other secrest little thingies they tack on--I don't what I would vote.

Carole said...

I have many, many opinions on this topic but it basically boils down to one fact. My husband and I work very hard and sacrifice much to live within a budget and stay out of debt. Why should I have to pay for those banks, homeowners and businesses that can't do the same? I would vote yes because our back is up against a wall but it is completely wrong for the government to issue so many "Get Out of Jail Free" cards and not hold responsible those who got us in this mess.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Not sure what to think except that perhaps you are psychic. First you post about Mr. Bento and I win one in a drawing, then you post this on the very day I am passing a kidney stone. Weird!

And yes, it hurts.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Did anyone ever see the Friends episode where Joey had kidney stones? OK Not exactly relevant, but now the doctors accent is in my head.

I know something needs to get done, but I have a bad feeling about the bailout. Have not had time to read as much as I should to know why though.

cookingsherri said...

I know what you all mean. This is crazy, huh?

Pam and Carole, I agree. I remember when we bought this house during all the crazy loan period and we were strongly pushed in the direction of an interest only or ARM loan. So glad we resisted and stuck with fixed! Three of my neighbors have been foreclosed. Now we are going to pay the bill for these lenders who pushed and convinced people into these loans because they were making a boatload of money. I am in a very metropolitan/mixing bowl type area and these neighbors were first generation immigrants who were very hardworking respectable people who got sucked in to thinking they could have the American dream when they couldn't really afford it. I feel like they were taken advantage of. Very frustrating.

Lisa - Me too! I am really worried that with the rushed timeline of this bill there is the risk of opportunistic politicking. (sp?)

Michelle - Yikes! I was glad to be of help with Mr. Bento, but I wish I had been wrong about kidney stones on your behalf! I hope they pass faster than this bill is likely to.

Pseudonymous - Now I wish I could remember that episode. I bet it was hysterical! You captured my gut feeling exactly. My instincts are screeming "whoa!" all the while realizing that something needs doing.

All these points are so interesting, I hope to hear from more of you.